Automotive Service

Maintenance And Repair

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General Maintenance

Including Oil, Lube and Filter, Tune-Ups, Filters, Hoses and Wiper Blades.


Including New Tires, Tire Repair and Tire Rotation.


Including Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes, Anti-Lock Brakes and Emergency Brakes.


Including Gaskets, Engine Rebuilding, Timing Belts and Fuel Injection Cleaning and Repair.


Including Exhaust Leaks, Muffler Replacement and Custom Exhaust Systems.

Transmission And Drivetrain

Including Automatic, Manual, Front Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Drive, Clutches and Drivelines.

Heating And Cooling

Including Air Conditioning, Water Pumps, Heaters and Radiators.

Steering And Suspension

Including Wheel Alignments, Shocks, Struts, CV Boots and Axles.


Including Batteries, Check Engine Light, Diagnostics, Computer, Engine Controls, Alternators and Ignitions.


Including Service in Lawrence and surrounding areas.


Including Pre-Purchase Inspections and Safety Inspections.

Fleet Maintenance

Including Corporate Cars, Work Trucks and Box Vans.

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